Why aren’t you making money on the net?

At a certain point in time, I found myself pondering this question – why making money on the net so difficult? As I contemplated further, I discovered clearer answers.

For those who are not currently generating the desired income online, the following ideas based on my own experiences may be helpful. These tips apply to small businesses, home-based enterprises, and network marketers alike.

Ironically, I was already aware of what actions were necessary to earn money, yet I was not implementing them. Instead, I spent my time browsing various websites in search of a magical formula that would deposit cash into my bank account without any effort on my part.

Why did I keep avoiding the steps that would generate revenue for my business? Was I purposely attempting to sabotage my business? Certainly not. Was I trying to fail online? Absolutely not. I simply became easily sidetracked by the latest and greatest techniques for making money online, at the cost of building my own enterprise.

I deluded myself into thinking that simply having links to various products and services on my webpage would automatically generate revenue. However, the first fundamental principle of making money online is that NO TRAFFIC equals NO INCOME. A website alone does not guarantee that people will come to your site.

To address this issue, I submitted my pages to search engines. This led to an initial increase in traffic whenever one of my pages appeared within the top ten search results for a particular keyword search. However, as soon as I lost that position, the traffic disappeared. I then attempted to resubmit that page to reclaim my top 10 ranking, but to no avail.

This was the point at which discouragement set in. I had attempted the obvious methods for attracting visitors to my website without success. I placed a few free classified ads, but this was a tedious and time-consuming process that yielded unremarkable results. It appeared that there was no way to succeed online!

What have I learned from this experience, and how can I make progress? In any successful venture, there are several key factors: discipline, persistence, and belief. Discipline entails doing what is necessary every day to achieve the goal. Persistence requires continuing to pursue the goal while making necessary changes along the way. Belief is the unwavering conviction that one can succeed.

With this in mind, I decided to revisit the fundamentals of business and marketing and address some fundamental questions.

Who are the individuals who would be interested in buying my product or service?

How can I most effectively reach them?

Once you have identified those who would be interested in your product or service, you can determine the most effective ways to contact them. To determine who your ideal customer is, ask yourself the following questions:

What are the benefits of my product or service to potential buyers?

For example, if you are marketing a business opportunity, an important benefit would be the potential to earn additional income. Other benefits might include freedom from working for a boss, financial independence, and the ability to realize one’s dreams, such as traveling overseas.

Who would be most interested in these benefits?

While it may be tempting to say “everyone,” this is not necessarily the case. The most promising prospects may be those who are seeking an opportunity to increase their income, individuals who wish to start their own business but lack a product or service to market, or those who already have a small business and are looking to increase their revenues.

The next step is to determine how to contact these individuals. Where do they congregate online? Are there already others online who are connecting with this group of individuals?

A Google search can reveal websites where you can find ezines that will interest your target audience. Once you have identified these ezines, there are two ways to benefit from them. Most ezines accept classified ads for a fee, which can be a cost-effective means of attracting visitors to your site. Alternatively, you can write articles that would interest your target audience and submit them to the ezines for publication. Many editors are looking for high-quality content they can share with their readers.

Targeting those who will buy your product or service is usually the most effective way to generate income online. I am following my own advice and seeing results. I recommend you try it too. Let’s all make money online!

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