How to Promote products on TikTok with NO followers

TikTok became the most downloaded mobile app in 2021, now everyone has it, even your mom! This is a huge platform with a variety of content and millions of users around the world!

You have already figured out how many potential buyers there are. Yes, it’s stupid to miss such an opportunity, so keep the instructions on how to start promoting your or partner products on TikTok right now, even if you don’t have a single subscriber!

So, step 1: Choose an offer

Choosing the right offer is half the success so take this important step seriously.
It is best to choose in the niche in which you understand or which is interesting, you must understand what problems the offer solves in order to search for your target audience.


Step 2:

After you have chosen an offer, you will need to set up a funnel to collect email addresses and set up a landing page for your offer. When a visitor makes a purchase using your link, you will receive a commission.
Email addresses of your visitors will be needed to further promote similar or other offers!
You catch two birds with one stone….


Have you noticed that when you do something, it’s more pleasant and faster to work with good and right tools, in affiliate marketing it’s the same when everything you need to build a sales funnel, collect and send emails in one place – so we recommend using ClickFunnels.

Ok, you have chosen an offer and built a funnel, now we need buyers, i.e. attract targeted traffic.

Step 3: Get traffic

Well, here we come to the most important part of our way of attracting visitors to our sales page. At the first step, we chose a niche and now we need to find TikTok accounts that created content on similar topics: sports, proper nutrition, making money online and many others… Go to this site and select an account with a large number of subscribers there.

Now we have acquired the account we need, we can start promoting our offer immediately, without a long pumping and searching for subscribers!

If you couldn’t decide on a niche right away, then first look at which accounts you can buy and then make a choice of a suitable offer for the main topic of the video on the channel. Your ad must be relevant and as native as possible so that subscribers remain loyal and follow your links.

Good luck!



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